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How to Find a great domain

Here’s what to look for in a good domain name.

  1. A good domain name is relatively short. A short name — if you can get it — is important for several reasons. It is easy to fit into logos, makes a better brand, is more easily recognizable, and is harder to misspell. Some companies have 50-character domain names spelling out their whole company name. That’s unwise. Long domain names don’t fit in forms, on billboards, or in Google PPC ads. Keep them relatively short.
  2. A good domain name is memorable. You remember generic names, such as and But you also remember more unique names such as,, and Putting together strange combinations of words is fun and can be very productive. It helps if it rhymes like FogDog, or repeats sounds such as Google, or is sing-songy like WilsonWeb. Say your prospective domain name out loud to listen to its sounds. See if your tongue gets twisted around any syllables. Whatever your domain name, it should stick in the mind.

September 2, 2010 at 08:30

How to Increase your Traffic Volume

  1. Write and submit articles .It is a the method which works. Write quality unique articles, not articles that are rehashed or provide no insight to readers
  2. Write and submit press releases.
  3. Write and ping blog entries. Always make sure to link back to your website with your blog posts. Try making multiple blogs and have them all link back to one main site. However, do not annoy people by comment spam.
  4. Make sure your website gets listed in DMOZ:
  5. Advertise your website in the appropriate categories at Craigslist. Try posting your ads in the most populated cities in the world.
  6. If a niche related forum that you frequently visit allows signatures, then make sure to add your website url in there. Simple but effective advert, especially if you post helpful posts in the forum. Again, don’t just post comments which are obviously just adding a link, but try to help other people, or make a useful contribution.
  7. Make sure to view related products on You can try and take some customers from your competitors here by providing your own url if the product is similar.
  8. Review websites in your niche on Alexa to try to take some of their traffic by including a reference back to your site.
  9. Review some related products on epinion.
  10. If you purchase a product that you actually like, then feel free to give an individual respect when respect is due and leave a testimonial. You should be able to get some traffic from that website if your testimonial is left with a url.
  11. Whenever you send an email to someone, always add your website url as a signature.
  12. Keep updating content on your websites/blogs… try at least once per week.
  13. Tag blog posts at social bookmarking sites, especially at
  14. Add photos to your blog with appropriate keywords – Google Images generates traffic too.
  15. Tag blog photos at Flickr.
  16. Politely ask your readers to subscribe to your rss feeds.
  17. Try coining your own term. Might want to trademark it if you smell that it will become popular.
  18. Encourage readers to comment on your blogs.
  19. Include translation for your websites/blogs, especially in Chinese.
  20. Do not be boring, write about something that a wide select of people would want to know about
  21. Make sure to edit your writing (careless writing means you don’t care or give enough attention to your content).
  22. Comment on other related blogs.
  23. Make a custom 404-error page for your website. You can provide a link back to your main website or even try to monetize it by offering a related affiliate program within your niche.
  24. Sponsor a charity, most charities will link back to your website, and you are also doing a good deed.
  25. Sell an item on eBay as a charity auction. Most charities will link back to both your auction and your main website.
  26. Start a publicity campaign, do something that individuals in your niche will take note of.
  27. Brand your website with a logo and a slogan/catch phrase.
  28. Hold a crazy contest that people in your niche will talk about. This will equal more links and traffic to your website.
  29. Build a tool that individuals in your niche will love and enjoy. Then give it away for free. If the tool is helpful, then you will get quality one-way links to your website.
  30. Contact small newsletters sources offline and submit articles to them.

September 2, 2010 at 08:29

How to Improve your Page rank

You are probably already aware, Google ranks a page according to the number and quality of links leading to that page. For example, if your page has 100 quality links leading to it, it will rank higher than another page that has only 20 links pointing at it. Quality links come from pages that are themselves \"important\" (Google’s own terminology). Note that this is not a secret. Google actually publishes information about their ranking algorithm on their website. You can read it for yourself at

There are already some tips in webmaster circles about how to improve your ranking in search engine results on Google. 1. Get Those Inbound Links – Since Google ranks your pages according to the number of links pointing at your page, it stands to reason that you should try to get as many links pointing at your pages as possible. This is so obvious that I’m only mentioning it for completeness sake. 2. Your Title Tag – Google seems to give weight to the title of your page. By title, I mean the text that is sandwiched between the HTML tags in the section of your web page. If you use a Web editor that automatically inserts a title like \"New Page\", remember to change it to some meaningful text with your keywords inside to reap the benefit of this feature.

PageRank is one of more than 100 factors Google uses in the ranking of you website and your resulting position on their search engine. You get PageRank (PR) by having backward links from other website pages that have a higher PR rating than your site page the link is to. The PR of your site is updated about once of month when Google updates their database of web pages. For example if you have a backward link from a site that has a PR of 5, some of that PR be will transfered from their website to your website page they linked to. These links are called backlinks.Sites with high PageRank will get crawled by the search engine bots more often, and the crawls will be deeper. While Google takes into consideration the PageRank of your site, high PR doesn’t always equate to a higher Search Engine Results Position (SERP). You can have high PR and have a low SERP on a certian keyword phrase, while some other site can have low PR but have a high SERP on the same keyword phrase.

Does improving your page rank, increase sales? Maybe. Probably. Every business/website owner should understand the significance of page rank to their business. When you have a business website, you want people to visit it. The best way to ensure this is to have your site listed at least on the first page of the search results for a specific keyword. When a search engine is performing a search on a topic it looks at several things to determine how high the page will show up. (Keep in mind that search engines can change what they deem important at any time.) The search engine is looking at how popular the site is, meaning how many people have visited it. It looks at whether the site is truly relevant to the keywords that it is listed under and if it has some good content on it. And it looks to see if other sites are linking to it. Most of the time, a page with a higher ranking will list higher.

September 2, 2010 at 08:21

How to Get more Backlinks


Directories on the net now and there are an equal number of sites that list free web directories. So your first step should be to visit every directory and submit your link to every free web directory you can find. Link Exchanges If you are taking part in reciprocal link exchanges it is important that you 1) Exchange links only with related sites. If a site has nothing to do with your site a reciprocal backlink from it will serve little to no purpose and 2) Do not mass mail webmasters. If there is one thing that will guarantee i will ignore you it is if i receive an email that has been BCC’ed to a thousand other webmasters. You could also get other webmaster to ask for a link exchange by putting a contact form on your site and letting people know you are open for link exchanges.

Someone cannot link from one thing they want people to read to another thing they want people to read. In addition, this type of linking will direct views from content that has lots of traffic to content that has little traffic. The best websites for writing online all allow one to do this, so it is best to take advantage of content backlinks. Comment Backlinks One effective, albeit annoying way to get views is to search for the search term the article or site is written around, and then leave a comment containing a link to it on whatever website shows up first on the search engine. More and more web sites are getting strict about policing comment backlinks, though, so this method does not always work.

" Probably the best way to get incoming links because the majority of bloggers who report on the news will also include a link to you as it`s source. Some blogs have perfected the scoop post to the point that they`ve really launched themselves into the A-list as a result of them.

How To Posts – I always find that these posts generate a lot of incoming links. Once you help one person work out how to do something – they often like to keep a record of it for themselves but also to pass it on.

About how to get the best links back to your site. A lot suggested that reciprocal linking is the way to go and yet you get this reminders that not necessarily all backlinks are credited by search engine specially Google to a particular site if such link source is not related to your site. Another is the submission to website directories which is a really over rated form of pr improvement, the benefits of submitting to these directories is not equal to the effort you put into it.

September 2, 2010 at 08:18

How to Get your site Indexed


Most SEO`s will advise you to buy an existing site/domain (lots of age benefit), but there are times when you need to start from scratch with a fresh domain. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get a new domain indexed by Google (even longer to start ranking!). In order to speed up the process of getting your site indexed quickly, even in 24 hours, follow the steps outlined below:

1) Create 5 pages of content

Skip the \"under construction\" page and write several pages of real content, at least a few paragraphs.

2) Create Internal Links to your Pages

Put the content in a template with a menu structure to make this step easier. You can find free templates at and other places, at least to get started. Link to the content through the menu, and if you have a major landing page, link to it from the content of a page or two.

3) Tag on Social Bookmarking Sites

After just a few minutes to create an account with these sites you can submit a link to your site. This gives you an instant way for Google and other search engines to find your site because these social bookmarking sites get visited by the search engine bots (like the Googlebot) quite regularly. A few bookmarking sites to recommend:, BlinkList,, and Furl. Make sure you tag them with common words, like those you find on their tag clouds (BlinkList has a good one, just scroll down on the page to see it).

4) Comment on popular and recent blogs (with your link) Find 5 blogs that are fairly popular, relevant to your site, and have a recent blog post (last day or two). Read the post and add a comment that contributes to the discussion, including a link to your site in the URL field.

5) Create, Submit, and Ping your XML Sitemap

6) Install Google Analytics Add Google Analytics (free) to your site. Don`t forget to verify your site with them to get the data collection started.

7) Run some Google Ads. Create an account with Google Adwords and start running some ads, even if its just for the domain name, company name, or some long tail keywords. Google has to go to your site because of theirquality score, which includes \"your landing page quality\". Just spend a couple of bucks and it can help jumpstart the indexing.

With these steps, you should see your site indexed fairly quickly. I can`t guarantee the 24 hours, but it is possible. At the very least it will speed up the indexing significantly (from weeks to days). Look for the \"googlebot\" to visit in your site analytics.

Getting your site indexed by Google must be one of the easiest tasks to learn when doing SEO.

It is absolutely essential to have your site indexed as without your site appearing in Google`s searches you may as well not have a website.

There are a number of ways to get a website indexed by Google, some are Excellent and some are terrible. I will start with the bad ones first.

September 2, 2010 at 08:16

How to Become more Viral

Sites like,, and other social bookmarking sites can give you a huge traffic. How about having 30,000 or more visitors everyday when your website is on the front page. Here are some useful tips on how to get huge traffic from these social bookmarking sites: * Catchy Headlines – There are many articles got ignored on social bookmarking site because of their headlines. Your title should always be catchy because people first see the title of your article. If the headline or title is not that catchy, expect a small traffic from that article.

In order to learn the affiliate online secrets of how to get traffic from social bookmarking sitesyou first need to understand what social bookmarking is. Affiliate online secrets use such words as metadata, tags, social tagging and folksonomy. Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to use metadata (data about other data) to organize and manage bookmarks (retrievable web locations). This is commonly called tagging. Tagging simply means the assigning of a keyword to a piece of information to help describe the item and let it be found by searches or browses. In the instance of a website with many user tags on many items, the group of tags is known as folksonomy or social tagging. Knowing what social bookmarking consists of will be useful in learning how to get traffic from social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking is a tag based system.

Human Classification One of the fascinating affiliate online secrets about social bookmarking is that tag based classification is done by real people not an automated resource such as a search engine spider. This is a huge advantage for classification purposes. Humans understand context as well as content whereas classification software uses algorithms to try to extrapolate meaning. Real people discover and bookmark web pages that spiders may ignore. Another advantage to social bookmarking is that the system ranks by the number of times a resource is bookmarked by end users as opposed to ranking by the number of external links that lead to it. When thinking of how to get traffic from social bookmarking, relish the fact you are dealing with real people.

Drawbacks Among affiliate online secrets we find that there are some disadvantages to tag based methodology. There are no standardized lists for keywords, no standard structuring for tags, misspelling creates mis-tagging, tags with multiple meaning may be misinterpreted and synonym may create confusion to name only a few problems with tag based systems. Otheraffiliate online secrets show that tag based systems are incapable of showing hierarchy type relationships. For instance, consider the \"description Egyptian Arabian Horses\". A tag based system has no mechanism for showing that Egyptian is a subcategory of Arabian Horses. When thinking how to get traffic from social bookmarking, take this into consideration when assigning tags. Sadly, affiliate online secrets show that social bookmarking is susceptible to deceptive practices. Spammers are bookmarking web pages numerous times in hopes of increasing their visibility and causing developers to continually tweak their security to prevent such practices.

September 2, 2010 at 08:12

Top 3 Tricks for Improving Your Writing Skills

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Regardless of your goal, to quickly attain it you will want guidelines, pointers and helpful advice to attain it. If you happen to know what to do and what to keep away from, it is much easier to achieve your goal. You will find 3 essential tips to help you shown in this article. When you use these pointers you can enhance your prospects for getting improved results.

When you want to be a writer you will need to improve your writing skills, you’ll find it’s important that you do things correctly. If you don’t, the effects may be disastrous. Chances are you’ll wind up picking up very bad habits, and even writing in a way that nobody will like. Listed below are three tips for obtaining the best results..

1. keep writing, everyday you goal should be to write continuously for a certain period of time for example one hour a day without interruption.

You must keep writing, everyday you goal should be to write continuously for a certain period of time for example one hour a day without interruption. as it puts a stop to you feeling lazy, and with practice you are going to find your own voice in your writing. Failing to accomplish this may and will result in your never improving your own writing and finding your own voice. Therefore do not make the error of overlooking this specific all-important step!

2. Keep your sentences to the point and as simple as possible

Virtually as important as keep writing, everyday you goal should be to write continuously for a certain period of time for example one hour a day without interruption. when dealing with you want to be a writer you will need to improve your writing skills is keep your sentences to the point and as simple as possible. I am telling you, this is not something to overlook. It contributes greatly to the clarity of your writing, which is something everyone involved in improving their writing skills wants.

3. Keep the words that you use as simple as possible so that anyone from any age group or social background will be able to understand what you are saying

Finally, when you want to be a writer you will need to improve your writing skills you need to be sure and keep the words that you use as simple as possible so that anyone from any age group or social background will be able to understand what you are saying. This can encourage people from all backgrounds to read your work with ease, and that’s a very important component of improving your writing skills. Should you not, you will fail to capture your audience — and I do think we are able to agree this will not be a good thing!

As I said at the beginning, when it comes to you want to be a writer you will need to improve your writing skills, you really want to make certain you never make errors which will turn out picking up very bad habits, or even writing in a way that nobody will like. What you need is to make sure that you are persistent with your efforts and continue to practice on a day to day basis, and you will make that happen by taking note of the recommendations previously mentioned.

September 1, 2010 at 11:14

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