How to Become more Viral

September 2, 2010 at 08:12

Sites like,, and other social bookmarking sites can give you a huge traffic. How about having 30,000 or more visitors everyday when your website is on the front page. Here are some useful tips on how to get huge traffic from these social bookmarking sites: * Catchy Headlines – There are many articles got ignored on social bookmarking site because of their headlines. Your title should always be catchy because people first see the title of your article. If the headline or title is not that catchy, expect a small traffic from that article.

In order to learn the affiliate online secrets of how to get traffic from social bookmarking sitesyou first need to understand what social bookmarking is. Affiliate online secrets use such words as metadata, tags, social tagging and folksonomy. Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to use metadata (data about other data) to organize and manage bookmarks (retrievable web locations). This is commonly called tagging. Tagging simply means the assigning of a keyword to a piece of information to help describe the item and let it be found by searches or browses. In the instance of a website with many user tags on many items, the group of tags is known as folksonomy or social tagging. Knowing what social bookmarking consists of will be useful in learning how to get traffic from social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking is a tag based system.

Human Classification One of the fascinating affiliate online secrets about social bookmarking is that tag based classification is done by real people not an automated resource such as a search engine spider. This is a huge advantage for classification purposes. Humans understand context as well as content whereas classification software uses algorithms to try to extrapolate meaning. Real people discover and bookmark web pages that spiders may ignore. Another advantage to social bookmarking is that the system ranks by the number of times a resource is bookmarked by end users as opposed to ranking by the number of external links that lead to it. When thinking of how to get traffic from social bookmarking, relish the fact you are dealing with real people.

Drawbacks Among affiliate online secrets we find that there are some disadvantages to tag based methodology. There are no standardized lists for keywords, no standard structuring for tags, misspelling creates mis-tagging, tags with multiple meaning may be misinterpreted and synonym may create confusion to name only a few problems with tag based systems. Otheraffiliate online secrets show that tag based systems are incapable of showing hierarchy type relationships. For instance, consider the \"description Egyptian Arabian Horses\". A tag based system has no mechanism for showing that Egyptian is a subcategory of Arabian Horses. When thinking how to get traffic from social bookmarking, take this into consideration when assigning tags. Sadly, affiliate online secrets show that social bookmarking is susceptible to deceptive practices. Spammers are bookmarking web pages numerous times in hopes of increasing their visibility and causing developers to continually tweak their security to prevent such practices.


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